Schrank Associates

Collection of Assessments and maintenance of historical and current ledger balances for each individual Owner’s accounts.

Processing of invoices for payment to vendors including verification and approval process as required by client’s specifications.

Preparation of monthly Revenue and Expense Statements.  The monthly financial reporting to the client includes:

  •     Owner Assessment Balance Report
  •     Revenue and Expense Statement (detailed listing of income and expenses)
  •     Copies of all Paid Invoices for the Month
  •     Reconciliation of General Ledger to Bank Statements
  •     Copies of Bank Statements
  •     Reconciliations on any and all available Reserve Accounts

Preparation of Annual Operating Budget

Attendance at Board of Director’s and Homeowner’s Meetings including Preparation of Meeting Documents; Agendas, Financial Reports and Minutes

Assistance in Election Processes including Preparation of Documents

Logging and Processing Maintenance Requests from Owners and Providing the Board of Directors with Current and Historical Maintenance Reports

Assist Board of Directors in Establishing a Preventative Maintenance Programs

Assist Board of Directors in Maintenance of Common Elements, Grounds and Services (i.e., Fire Safety Equipment, Elevators and Landscaping, etc.)

Assistance in the Preparation and Implementation of Rules and Regulations and Architectural Criteria as Needed

Review and Maintenance of Insurance Records for Both the Association and Owners as Required

Correspondence with Homeowners as Directed

24-Hour Emergency Service Line Provided


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